IP Power Panel - Smart Energy Management - Home, business or project automation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why IP Power Panel?

We are the most inexpensive smart automation system on the market, only cost a few bucks, you dont need buy a lot of things to make it working, dont require hard configuration, dont require any expensive installation or hard network modifications. We keeped on mind hi quality and lowest cost posible in the technologies that we select for you. You can use your actual ethernet/wifi or vpn network to manage the boxes on diferent zones of your home, bussines or any property you may have arrownd the world, Incluiding also yatchs with satellite internet or trucks with 3G internet.

What are the requirements to install IP Power Panel?

Any operative system (Linux suggested).
Need install Apache, MySQL, PHP

I dont know anything about php/mysql, do you offer profesional installation/customization service?

Yes we offer professional installation, customization and support. Click here

IP Power box or IP POWER 9258, what is and where to buy?

This is the terminal that executes the ip power panel on off commands. Each unit comes with 4 outlets where you can plug your appliances. You can buy it in our online store or any other provider.

I need support for other devices, what we can do?
If you have the OS version we can customize it for add more devices support.

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