IP Power Panel - Smart Energy Management - Home, business or project automation.


Manage unlimited power box, interruptors valves or outlets. No matter which version you have.


Install IP Power Panel in any computer or server running Windows, Mac or Linux.


You can securely access and manage the system from any smart device.

IP Power Panel Information

IP Power Panel can control an unlimited number of switches from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Allows programming several cycles on and off automatically or view the logs with a few clicks.

IP Power Panel is securely accessible from anywhere right through the network or internet. It is based on the latest technologies of IP networks (Internet Protocol), so it can be installed on any data network ethernet / wifi existing wiring without extra network.

IP Power Panel has endless applications, its basic function is to allow easy control of electricity, water flow, gas, fuel or oil inside your home, business, industry or project. Excellent for work more efficiently, save energy, resources, or simply as a safety device in case of accidents.

Manage Unlimited Outlets

IP Power Panel able you to take control of your resources from everywhere you are in the world. Easily turn On, Off or schedule any electrical device or liquid / air valve. Plus, you can see the usage history of every outlet recorded on the system database.


Support Unlimited Power zones

You can add and control Unlimited IP Power 9258 boxes to the system. Each Zone can be in any location arrownd the world securely connected trough internet. You can have zones in your home, bussiness and also in a yatch with satellite internet or truck connected trough 3G.


Power Panel

This interface let the allowed users take control of the zones registered to the system, let you see the actual status, turn on and off securely with just one click.


Simple schedule

The simple schedule let you easily set and run diferent on/off cycles for each outlet. Cycles modes are: Just Once, Every days, Work days, Weekends, Mon.& Thu, Tue.& Fri, Wed.& Sat or Sundays.


Power History

Power history tracks every on/off on all outlets.


Administrator interface

The admin interface let you set-up new zones or boxes, change outlets or zones names, view power history in detail, add and manage users and permissions and other usefull functionalities.


Advanced schedule

Allow you to schedule on/off based on a calendar date time. You can program any on or off any day/time of the year. We also called lineal schedule, cause there are not cycles.


Users/Permisions management

User & Assignations module let you add users to the system, you can select the boxes to allow for each user. You can also set a expiration date if user is a quest, and other security settings like user access expiration date, session expiration time or ip change verification.


Unlimited users

You can add and manage unlimited users on the system to meet your requirements.


Unlimited permissions setup

You can setup unlimited box and users permission to control your system access.



Typical applications in the home, business, industry and Projects:

Watering the garden, landscaping or agricultural production.

Sector light indoor / outdoor

HVAC, air conditioners, fans, extractors, fans

Cooling, Cooling / Frizer

Control security systems, electric fences, security cameras ip.

Power switch in areas of the house, Example, Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3

Power management for servers and network equipment

Control for tanks / reservoirs, fuel, gas, oil or air.

Power Control in villas and summer houses.

Smart Homes

Autonomy for disabled people.



IP Power Box (IP Power 9258)

IP Power Box is the terminal device that executes the orders issued by the Power Panel, each terminal has 4 switches that can be controlled and programmed from the IP Power Panel.

You can buy it with free shipping in the US in our online store.

For water, gas, oil control a electronic valve is required and usually avaiable in our online store.

The terminal should be running latest firmware version. Buy one