IP POWER PANEL Smart Energy Management Software

Take the control of your energy, water, gas or compressed air in one software web interface! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, blackberry or any smart device equipped with a internet browser.



Minimun investment, maximum results.


Advanced search and advanced schedule enabled to enhance your experience.


Need customize the code? Enjoy the full version with open source code.

About IP Power Panel

IP Power Panel can control an unlimited number of switches from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Allows programming several cycles on and off automatically or view the logs with a few clicks.

IP Power Panel has endless applications, its basic function is to allow easy control of electricity, water flow, gas, fuel, oil or compressed air inside your home, business, industry or project. Excellent for work more efficiently, save energy, resources, or simply as a safety device in case of accidents.

IP Power Panel is securely accessible from anywhere through the local network or internet. It is based on the latest technologies of IP networks (Internet Protocol), so it can be installed on any data network ethernet / wifi existing wiring without extra installations.

Typical applications

In the home, business, industry and Projects:

Watering the garden, landscaping or agricultural production.

Sector light indoor / outdoor

HVAC, air conditioners, fans, extractors, fans

Cooling / Frizer

Control security systems, electric fences, security cameras ip.